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acoustic album

On the 5th December 2011 we will be releasing the acoustic version of the debut album. Full details will be announced on the web site in the next few days...

If anyone would like a free download of HOME from the ACOUSTIC album all you have to do is join 'The Diablo', which is the official streat team for LAR, HERE. Once you have joined you can find it under PROPAGANDA then EXCLUSIVES.
Placebo - Steve Hoodie

AUDIO: Bring Me Down

There is a track called 'Bring Me Down', it didn't make the first album but it's become a firm favorite in the live show and still one of the bands favorites. You can now download it for FREE here

Please help us spread the word bu using this link and pass onto your friends. Another big announcement coming this week...
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    LAR - Bring Me Down
MR - Don't Leave Me

ALONE: Love Amongst Ruin Trailer

A sixty six second preview into the amazing new video from Love Amongst Ruin for the single 'Alone'. Watch it with the sound turned up, watch it on full screen, watch it in HD, but don't watch it alone.
The single 'Alone' will be released on February 28th, 2011.

I don't want to be here alone.......

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latest news

So the very first European and UK tour is over... and what's going on in the world of LAR now?
  • You can see the band play at the KERRANG CHRISTMAS PARTY! on 9th December 2010 in Birmingham. Feeder and The Futureheads also playing. Buy tickets here
  • The NEW WEBSITE is finally nearly ready.
  • The MySpace page is also all new and shiny.
  • The band will be BACK ON THE ROAD in February 2011 and are also working on South America. Tour dates will be announced shortly.
  • The ACOUSTIC SHOW, that got postponed in September, will be on 20th January 2011. More details, hopefully, later today.

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