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04 September 2009 @ 07:00 pm
The Story - Part II  

Right on time! The Story is updated picking up where Steve left off, in March 2008.

March 2008.
I approached another old friend and Julian Cope collaborator - Donald Ross Skinner (affectionately known as Donneye) to come in and co-produce and supply guidance to the recording sessions. Doneye was the right choice to have as acting producer because of his eclectic musical taste and his ability to think outside the box.

Me, Donneye, Paul Corkett.

April 2008.
It was now time to decamp and re-locate to Moles Studio in Bath, Somerset, to re-engage and hook up with an old friend and producer Paul Corkett (The Cure, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Placebo, Radiohead) to engineer and produce the first batch of songs.

Armed with the first five potential tracks we began the recording process. It was great to choose Moles Studio because of its non-corporate vibe and energy. It was like going back to basics and it really felt like we were starting from the ground up.

The Moles @ Moles.

Moles is a peculiar studio, it is built in a converted house. As you can see here, my drums were set up in the 'living room' in front of the fireplace.

My custom Yamaha kit getting set up in the studio by Alan Moffett - my drum technician.

This session was the first of only two main recording sessions where we recorded five tracks each. This first session was mainly comprised of the usual musical suspects - bass, drums & guitar. This first batch of tracks were recorded, as much as possible, live. So, in effect, trying to reproduce the sound of a real rock band. Also, other tracks which were recorded at my home studio were all recorded with click-track so we could retain some great demo performances and then just replace certain elements, if required. Sometimes you can lose so much feel from a demo if you attempt to re-record every aspect of it. So by doing this, it started to give the record a certain vibe and immediacy.

Donneye, Nick & Paul in the studio.

This first session lasted about two weeks, laying down all the drums, bass, guitars and piano. We had a lot of fun and built up a great camaraderie, long days & longer nights. By the end of his first session it came to my attention exactly where this album could start going.

Donneye listening to the playbacks @ Moles.

Again, thanks for all your support. The mixing is coming to an end and I'm really looking forward to being able to tell you some more about the album in a few weeks time. Keep the faith.

Love Steve.

Another update on Friday - October 2nd, 2009 @ 6PM (UK time)
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