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02 October 2009 @ 06:19 pm
The Story - Part III  

Sometimes it's not that bad idea to log in early and keep refreshing the page "just in case". As Steve published a little early today, just because he could. ;)

Some very interesting and surprising developments in this part.

May - June 2008
After finishing the first set of backing tracks, I relocated back to my home studio to complete the second batch of songs. This was a six week process which was immediately followed by a return to Moles.

Me across the mixing desk @ Moles

July 2008
We began recording the next five tracks, still using the usual musical suspects but now augmented with a double bass and a three hundred year old cello played by one of the UK's finest cellists - Beth Porter.

Beth Porter (with Babel). Thanks to garyjonesphoto.com

This session lasted almost a month, recording, refining, experimenting and finally arriving at the point where I felt we had a good basis for a ten track album.

Nicks' pedals

August 2008
Now that the musical tracks were complete, it was time for me to put down my sticks and lay down the vocals, coming out from behind the kit and fronting these new songs. Backing vocals were provided by Onalle from Roni Size Reprazent and Emily Reid - my daughter.

Onalee - the amazing backing vocalist

In this session I did all of the guide vocals for all of the tracks. After a month of full on recording and playing all the drum parts I was exhausted.

Me after a (really) long day

I went home for a few weeks and then made a decision to go back to the studio and concentrate purely on my vocals. Donneye was very instrumental in this area, guiding me through the process and with his help I was able to get the result I always wanted. I have always provided backing vocals on my previous recording projects so this was not completely alien to me although I'm sure this is going to come as a surprise to you. Trust me, it's all good!

Me - in front of the kit!!!

Nick laying down some guitar

September - December 2008
Most of the studio time was now spent working on the rough board mixes for the individual tracks, seeing what the possibilities were for each track with various mixes. Exciting times and grinding times, but also it helped me accumulate my vision for the final possibilities of this record.

Jan - March 2009
This period was spent doing the final and complete master mixes. A very important time and a very exciting time. Also, a lot of pressure to get things right as I am now in a position where I have written, recorded and produced an album myself. After March we retired from the studio, exhausted, deaf, tired and battered. Some time off was required to recoup, regroup and make sense of what had been accomplished over the previous 18 months.

Nick, Alan, Jon, Donneye and Paul @ Moles

April 2008
I returned to Moles for some final tweaks to the mixes. Once this was done the album was sent to Los Angeles for mastering at Bernie Grundman by Brian 'Big Bass' Gardner (Foo Fighters, Janes Addiction and many more). It took about a month for the test cuts to come back from L.A. Once I approved the test cuts we sent the whole record back to L.A. for the final mastering.

Donneye, Jon and Paul and I @ Moles.

Again, thanks for your continued support and all your messages and good wishes, they are much appreciated. Next time I will start to formally introduce my new band to you. Keep the faith.

Love Steve.
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