Geo (dreamonkid) wrote in loveamongstruin,

Eurosonic Debut audio!

The updated (complete) audio with track names is now available here (Please email me if the links break or expire)
Thanks to funk_fish23 for filling in the gap for me!

If you previously downloaded my original upload, and don't wish to download the entire set again, the missing track, Heaven & Hell, is available here

As before, tracks should load into your usual player in order, now with track names :)
Enjoy. Share. Please credit.
If there are any issues (I didn't listen through this version - its 3am!) please email me;
Keep the Faith ♥ - Geo.
(p.s. I promise I'm going to sleep this time!...I hit 36 hours half an hour ago :/ )

[Original post]I just spent the last hour chopping my rip into individual tracks for easy mp3 client access:) They should load into any player in order, under 'Love Amongst Ruin' and 'Eurosonic Debut'. I didn't try to name the tracks, so they're all 'track00' except for So Sad (and an intro). The first song is missing a big chunk from when the player decided to tell me I wasn't allowed to watch because I wasn't in the Netherlands, while I scrambled for a dutch proxy...
[old upload removed]

My favourite track so far is #6. I'm ridiculously proud of Stevie right now. I must admit, I got a tad emotional during So Sad and the song immediately after: "I don't want to be this alone"
I'm super excited for the album right now. Hope they tour here (Aus), too. *fingers crossed*
Tags: audio, concert

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