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Review of the Paris gig

I went to the gig in Paris on Thursday - the band rocked (of course!). Steve was very chatty and looks so comfortable with the singing now. He said a special hello to England (me!) :-D

set list was:

Blood & Earth
Heaven & Hell
Away From me
Come On Say It
Got to Give It Up (Thin Lizzy cover and dedicated to 'an ex-mate of mine')
So Sad
Bring me Down (encore)

My full review is on the Heaven & Hell forum www.heaven-and-hell.proboards.com/index.cgi
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photos from Poznan 28/09/10

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source: http://alternation.eu/love_amongst_ruin__zelki,id,239,pg,0,koncerty.html

Seems I'm spamming this com a bit, well then, if you are interested in reading a few more INTERVIEWS with Steve, you can find them all on H&H forum: http://www.heaven-and-hell.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=5&action=display&thread=73&page=9